SocialMediaTips.com is an interactive site dedicated to helping you find short and sweet tips on using the latest social media tools, sites and applications. ┬áIt’s also a place where you can share your tips with others.


The social media universe is ever-expanding; it’s difficult to know how to use these properties to their maximum potential and find information on new social media platforms, and nearly impossible to find the tricks of the pros all in one spot.


SocialMediaTips.com solves those problems. We’re offering a site for social media professionals to spread their insights and tips to help you, the social media user, stay on top of the trends and techniques. We want you to get the most out of your social media experience.


We also providing a directory of our social media authors in case you need some help developing a social media campaign.


SocialMediaTips.com: Social teaching social is our model. We’re helping each other.


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