Our Team

Ross Dunn is the Founder of SocialMediaTips.com and CEO of StepForth Web Marketing Inc., a web marketing company he founded in 1997 based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. StepForth provides cutting-edge search engine optimization services that provide highly successful, targeted results for its clientele. He is known in the office as the idea generator, and with his broad internet experience in combination with his talented staff, these ideas often get put into play. When Ross isn’t in the office, he can be found spending time with his wife and two beautiful children, Zander and Ainsley. He loves hiking, photography, and of course all things tech. Ross owns more gadgets that the rest of the office combined and is always researching what’s coming next.


Chris Holt is SMT’s Business Development Advisor. As a technology executive, photographer, blogger, and poet, and whether working in social media or neurology, Chris seeks through his work to illuminate the human experience. As a co-founder of lifeasahuman.com, the successful E-zine which brings stories of our humanity together, he has a firm grasp on the online world. His wanderings to the American Southwest, Italy, France, Honduras, Mexico and various parts of Canada have also helped shape his views of how our species communicates and he thinks it’s only going to get better.


Ashley has been working with the team on SocialMediaTips.com since it was an idea in Ross’ head. She is our team’s Community Manager and loves working with Authors to ensure that we are bringing you the best tips possible. When she isn’t working, she loves spending time on Pinterest finding new recipes and craft ideas. She enjoys volunteering with charities and is currently working with Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand to raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants. This isn’t her dog but she hopes to get one just like it one day.




Denis Stenderchuck is the brilliant mind behind all of the programming for socialmediatips.com. He single handedly coded the entire site and contributed ideas on how the site should function. When he is not at his computer, he spends time with his wife gardening, taking beautiful photos, or just being active in outdoors.


Scott Van Achte is the Senior SEO at StepForth Web Marketing and specializes in onsite optimization, website audits, and competitor analysis. Since starting with StepForth back in 2003 Scott has become good friends with those he works with and loves the chemistry between everyone on the StepForth team. He will be using his brilliant SEO skills to ensure Social Media Tips is as optimized as possible. Outside of the business world, he and his wife Lyndsay are the proud parents of two little ones, Emma, age 4 & Ethan who was born just before Christmas 2011. Between a busy work schedule and raising a family with young children free time is certainly rare, but when he does manage to get few minutes to himself Scott can usually be found out kayaking, biking, golfing, or just trying to enjoy the outdoors.



 Anita has been working with StepForth since 2006 as the company’s Office and Project Manager. She is enjoys coming to work and appreciates how well the team works together; each of us bringing strengths, weaknesses and our own humorous quirks that complements all. As Social Media Tips evolves she will be taking care of all of the financials. Outside of work time she enjoys the outdoors with all it has to offer, from storm watching and hiking to participating in activities both on and off the water. Recently she took up a Zumba exercise class and is officially hooked – and no it does not require a huge amount of co-ordination, just an appreciation of Latin, Jamaican and African music.