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Do you have tips on Social Media? If so, become a Tipster for SocialMediaTips.com. Anyone can sign up and start writing tips!


To Become a Tipster

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SocialMediaTips.com also has available spots for Authors which offer additional perks to being a Tipster. Our primary author components include:


  • Author profile page with:
    • your social media links including twitter feed and RSS connection to your tips,
    • your contact information
    • your service offerings geolocated
    • author services advertisement on profile page (coming soon)
  • Possible interview on our forthcoming Social Media Tips internet radio show/podcast (coming soon)
  • The opportunity for contributing editorships of major high profile categories
  • Rel=author integration (coming soon)
  • A clear delineation between your posts and that of Tipsters
  • More advanced features for enhancing existing posts are on the way as well – but again ONLY for authors.

If you are a Social Media expert and want to gain exposure for your expertise, we want you to become an Author!   Email Ashley at ashley@socialmediatips.com explaining why you would be a good fit to become a SMT Author.


Please make sure you have read our  Author Guidelines.